A vibrant church committed to improving lives

The LWF's 31 member churches across Africa have committed themselves to developing the lives of people in their communities and bolstering the church and its mission.

Together they form the Lutheran Communion in Africa. 

Churches work together to respond to challenges in diverse contexts. The Lutheran Communion in Africa creates forums and spaces for dialogue, empowerment for leadership and diaconal actors to foster unity and stengthen both the regional expression and the communion.

Member churches in Africa have set one Sunday each month for prayers of solidarity with those experiencing difficulties. Churches support each other through solidarity visits, prayers, letters, material and financial support. 


"We must accept, receive and welcome one another, both in unity and purpose, with open arms full of love towards everyone who is created in the image of God"
LUCSA Executive Director

just over 20 percent of LWF member churches are in Africa
African member churches comprise 20.8 million people
member churches are located in 23 countries in Africa
LWF supports 37 projects run by member churches in Africa